K.I.C.C.K at Ithemba

Kids in Crisis Can Kick or the K.I.C.C.K Programme was started at the Ithemba Academy in 2012 by Sensei Ben Mare.

The K.I.C.C.K Programme was pioneered by Jayseelan Padayachee who is the Headmaster of the Ramatha Road Primary School in Pietermaritzburg. The programme is designed to teach children that it is possible for them to protect themselves.

The programme focuses on teaching children discipline, respect and leadership qualities whilst teaching basic self-defense skills.
Basic karate techniques are taught which help children with enhanced reflex reactions, balance, co-ordination, increased focus, concentration skills and self-confidence.

The techniques are designed for younger students to help in developing all the basic life skills that will be needed for them to be confident and well rounded children. Students develop physical, mental and emotional discipline whilst working through all the techniques.

The programme benefits girls and boys alike.

If you have any further queries about this programme please contact:

Sensei Ben Mare

Mobile: 0823544535