Benefits of Karate

The different controlled Goju Ryu karate stance moves work various muscles throughout the body, providing a full body physical fitness workout, strengthening core stomach muscles, extending endurance and balance. Each kick (front kick, roundhouse kick, or side kick) works different core leg muscles from hip to thigh to calf. Similarly, the punches and blocks fulfil a key function for the arm and side muscles, resulting in a tremendous amount of force and accuracy.

Holding stances for extended periods of time not only strengthens the leg muscles, but also is key in achieving greater balance. Balancing the legs in a specific stance provides a firm foundation for the body for various Goju Ryu karate moves. The solid ending stance after completing moves is where the muscle control is very important. Repeating these moves accurately and consistently also aids with hand-eye co-ordination and following instructions at a rapid pace.

It takes co-ordination and balance to throw a Goju Ryu punch or place a kick at a consistent level and location. The controlled techniques learnt in the dojo also enable students to quickly adjust the level if the target moves, which is crucial in any real self-defence situations.

A Goju Ryu karate class burns a large amount of calories. The beauty of taking our classes is that you are burning calories without even thinking about it! You're having fun and concentrating on perfecting your moves, so it doesn't seem like exercise. Obviously the amount of calories burnt depends on gender, age and weight.

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